Slovak Matchmaking Fair 2016
Group of companies ATK21

Group of companies ATK21

Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
Ms. Ekaterina Krotova, Head of HR
Ms. Anna Hronsk√°, EEU Managing
Ms. Maria Kutsaeva, CEO

About Us

ATK21 Group of Companies is on the market of Russian federation since 2006 and today is a successful growing company employing 250+ own personnel and more than 2,000 employees, performing tasks on a daily basis at the client company. End 2016 EEU branch with central office in Slovak republic is opened. Main activities of our company are personnel outsourcing, out staffing, recruiting services and cleaning services suited with 10+ years of knowledge and experience for international companies. We provide required number of personnel on short-term and long-term projects o for manufacturing companies, retail, logistics, construction, IT sphere, hotels. We carry out works of different profiles from unloading trucks in a warehouse of finished products to packaging and sorting it in the workplace. EEU market brings a high level of competition to automotive industry. ATK21 Group of Companies professionally executes the non-critical functions of manufacturing company, saving time and reducing operational costs. ATK21 Group of Companies is fully liable for risks and charges to its customers, ensures compliance with the legislation of the European Union in the framework of the agreements reached. ATK21 - We save time for your main tasks

Areas of Activity

  • automotive
Group of companies ATK21

Russian Federation




Participating in
03.11.2016 (19:00) Gala dinner
03.11.2016 (09:00- 14:45) Accompanying event - Joining the Best Address in Automotive Conference
03.11.2016 (10:00- 18:00) Sourcing day for Slovak companies
02.11.2016 (19:00- 20:00) Welcoming glass of wine
03.11.2016 (10:00- 18:00) Matchmaking session

Cooperation Profiles

We are looking for cooperation partner in automotive manufacture to participate in personnel outsourcing and facility management projects.


partner subcontracting offers supplier tenders


partner subcontracting offers supplier tenders