Slovak Matchmaking Fair 2016
Eurocontainers srl

Eurocontainers srl

Italy, Atella (Potenza)
Mr. Sabino Salvatore, Technical Designer
Mr. Fabio Bonino, Commercial
Mr. Michele Antonio D'Auria, Plant Manager
Mr. Angelo Rocco Mecca, supply chain manager

About Us

Eurocontainers S.r.l. works in the field of metal carpentry, in particular for standard and customized metallic containers building, for handling uses (especially in automotive industries), with many years’ experience. Since 2002, moreover, Eurocontainers S.r.l. has diversified its process, including productions with lathes (automatic and CNC). Eurocontainers S.r.l. realizes industrial containers for various applications, solving the most complicated handling problem, like storage in the production line. Critical factors of feasibility, ergonomics, technology and economy are faced and analyzed to give a product with all the characteristics required by customer. Our objective is continuous improvement, until to become national reference about metal carpentry and containers mechanical works. The achievement of this objective can’t leave aside supply of a high quality of service and product. In order to continuous improvement, Eurocontainers S.r.l. has predisposed all necessary resources to reduce customer’s complaints and product’s non-conformity, making aware and involving all the personnel.

Areas of Activity

  • automotive
Eurocontainers srl

Atella (Potenza)




Participating in
03.11.2016 (10:00- 18:00) Matchmaking session

Cooperation Profiles

introduce our company to a foreign market to expand the customer luggage and the business volume for the automotive sector.


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